Development Team

For the last 35 years, D9 has been fortunate to develop various properties in over ten southern states – the last 19 years our focus has been the kinds of locations and properties which will never be torn down.

Properties that are scrutinized by the masses in the creation, entitlement, execution, delivery and management process because all of them are built right in and around some of the most important and strategically located historic structures in Franklin, TN.

Imagine trying to paint a mural the size of a building right on your historic town square. Imagine working on it meticulously as hundreds even thousands of people walk by, look and comment day to day to day on what you are doing.

And, although we don’t paint pictures, in that public fishbowl we seem to do our very best work. We develop new, very special properties in very old places.

The team at Land Innovations believes that the creation and development of exceptional communities result from decades of experience, an uncompromised work ethic and a rigorous creative process. Land Innovations sees each new development opportunity as a blank canvas, drawing inspiration from the land and embracing its natural beauty and habitat while respecting the demands of the ever-changing marketplace. Each development opportunity is approached differently because each legacy property, land owner and community vision is unique and deserves its own set of goals and personality. With Land Innovations, there is intrinsic value in maximizing the potential of a property that cannot be measured solely in dollars. Our goal is to create one-of-a-kind communities that have a sense of soul and connect us through thoughtful, pedestrian-friendly design to the outdoors and nature.

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