Downtown Franklin is special. Especially if you live at Magnolia Hall.

Since 1840, our property has been known for the beautiful and Historic Italianate mansion called, Magnolia Hall. Built by William S. Campbell, the mansion is on the National Historic Registry and has been home to ten prominent Franklin families. In recent years, however, the home had fallen into disrepair. Therefore, restoring this landmark for future generations is both key to our vision — and, we hope, an inspiring connection for all future residents.

What makes this community so unique?
  • We’ve spent the last five years making sure we did two important things:
    1. That we save the mansion as a personal residence for generations to come
    2. To make the new homes that we’re creating feel like 10 pieces of a beautiful, landscaped painting for those who get to live in them.
  • You’re right in the middle of everything but your front yard is a 4 acre landscaped, private pocket park with places to sit and visit or have reflection.
  • You’re just a 15-minute walk from all the activity, restaurants and shops of Main Street and Downtown Franklin.
  • The 58-acre Jim Warren Park, with all its many outdoor amenities, is literally right next door to the property.
  • There are two Kroger grocery stores and two Starbucks within four minutes by car.
  • Two premier golf courses (Westhaven and Legends) are less than ten minutes away.
  • Ten spectacular custom homes, designed to look like the 1900’s, but built with virtually every modern convenience.
  • Every plan and every home allow you to live day to day ALL ON ONE LEVEL— therefore, no steps up from your garage or to your front porch. Age-in-place living at its finest.
  • When you do want to go upstairs or to the basement, your personal elevator gives you easy access without assistance.
  • In addition, every doorway or cased opening is a minimum of three-feet wide to allow for easy mobility or wheelchair access.
  • Every home has an owner’s suite with an elegant bath and closet area large enough to house all your clothing on hangers, shelves or built-in drawers.
  • Every home has at least a 10-foot-deep front porch designed for maximum comfort and conversation.
  • Every home has a private courtyard/pool deck with covered outdoor living and a screened porch.
  • Every home has a beautiful kitchen/scullery/great room with high visibility and easy access to the outside courtyard and porch.
  • Every home has been designed with a guest suite on the main floor that in many cases is large enough to be used as a second owners suite.
  • Every home has a three-car garage that’s deep and wide enough for big cars/trucks, not just the little ones.
  • Every home has the potential to add a mother-in-law suite / full-guest suite that is not only accessible by the stairs and elevator but in most cases, with an outside entrance if so desired.
  • Because we’re in a National Historic District, we have spent the last two years making sure every home is pre-approved by the Historic Zoning Commission so your construction can start as soon as possible.
  • Every home has exclusive access to the Magnolia Hall grounds — including four-acres of landscaped scenery, a private pocket park with areas to sit and reflect, and a two-acre spring-fed, fully-stocked lake.
  • All property outside the home that is visible from the street is maintained by the HOA, so you never have to worry about yard work again.
  • And just in case you ever need it, the City of Franklins Fire and Paramedic Station #1and #8 are just two minutes away.
    Our Development Team

    Our team is led by longtime local developers, Bernie Butler of D9 Development and Dudley Smith of Land Innovations. To date, the team has spent four years designing and nurturing Magnolia Hall into the extraordinary residential opportunity that it is today.

    D9 Development
    Land Innovations

    Our Builder Partners

    Selecting the right builders means everything on a project of this magnitude. And because of our deep history Middle Tennessee, we were able to secure three of the best in the region. They live in and work every day in our special town. In short, they are some of the most proven and highly respected people and builders we know. This is evidenced not only by their portfolio of beautiful homes, but by the client relationships they have built. In every case, their building process is predictable and transparent, which helps ensure a beautiful, finished product and prevents unwarranted surprises.

    Andy Ferguson, Legends Homes

    Alex Gregg, Gregg Homebuilding Company

    Michael Ellsworth, Thunder River Construction

    Some additional questions you may have as you think about Magnolia Hall:

    Can I just buy a lot and build a home I design later?

    No. We are selling ten completely custom homes on ten amazing lots. Every home will have been pre-approved by the Historic Zoning Commission before you are required to sign anything or put up a non-refundable deposit.

    Can I select the builder I want to build my house?

    Most of our homes already have their builder assigned to it. There are two exceptions – Lot 10 and Lot 11. In those two cases, the buyer will be able to interview each of our three builders and select the one they believe is the best fit for them.

    How much of the house really is custom?

    The short answer is all of it. Actually, because we have two very caring, experienced developers, one incredible architectural team, 3 great builders and a host of other talented people who are all in on the opportunity of Magnolia Hall, each one of these homes has been thought about and rethought about more than any project I’ve ever been associated with.  Every piece of this house is completely custom and not production anything. Your opportunity is creating your perfect environment in this exterior already designed shell. We have no doubt you’ll have as much fun on the inside as we have on the outside.

    Is the neighborhood gated?

    No. The City of Franklin wouldn’t allow us to gate a public street. However, seven of the ten homes can have gated driveways for added protection and privacy.

    What is the status of the mansion?

    The first mission was to create a financial opportunity for someone to fall in love Magnolia Hall and was willing to make the investment needed to restore it. So that has been done and the mansion has been sold. The construction for the restoration and remodeling has been approved and should be started about the same time as the houses. When completed, it will be a personal residence, just like the other homes in the community.

    What does the HOA cover?

    All the details of the HOA are spelled in the Declaration document, which we will provide upon request. In general, all of the common areas of the site plan, including: the lake, the pocket park, and all yard areas that visible from a street will be maintained by the HOA.

    What does the HOA cost?

    During construction, each homeowner will pay $3,000 per quarter until your home is complete. Upon completion, each resident will pay $6,000 per quarter.

    How long will take to build our new home?

    Once construction starts and depending on your source of your specific materials, we believe it will take our builders 12 to 14 months to complete the construction of your home.